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Interpretation System / Translation System

DCN - Digital Congress Network
- Simultaneous Interpretation
- Discussion Systems
- Whispering Interpretation
- Translater Booth

The interpreter system offered for rental services is the well-known innovative DCN System. DCN (Digital Congress Network) is a digital technology for simultaneous interpretation, discussion and conference systems. The DCN system was introduced by Philips and is characterised by its high quality speech reproduction. Now manufactured and further developed by Bosch is a fully digital infrared audio system.

Conference Discussion Systems 

The benefit of the digital audio distribution system called “Integrus” is:

- no interference caused by any illumination
- superior digital audio quality
- easy selection of up to 32 channels
- works also under sunlight conditions



The DCN Discussion System is simply combined and covers the podium situation, providing several microphone stations for chairman and other speakers.

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Transportable Interpreter-Cabins

Type                Interior dimensions     Overall dimensions

2-seat cabin  1600 x 1600 x 2200 mm /  1720 x 1720 x 2180 mm

3-seat cabin  2400 x 1600 x 2000 mm /  2580 x 1720 x 2180 mm
Includes ventilation and illumination. The cabin consists of separate elements and therefore can be easily transported. Sound insulation is better than ISO 4043 standard. The colour is grey (RAL 7042).

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Wireless Microphone-Sets for guided tours (Whisper Interpretation)

The new TourGuide 2020-D from Sennheiser is based on digital radio-transmission and is therefore free of noise and without interrupts. The clear sound is convincing. The system allows to be used as a small portable interpreter system (translation system). With the up to 6 Channels the TourGuide receivers from several sets can be devided appropriately to the number of persons of the different languages.




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